Pirates of the Burning Sea

Pirates of the Burning Sea 2.9

A game where captains can forge their own empires across the Caribbean
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Plunge into the high-stakes world of 18th Century seafaring with Pirates of the Burning Sea. Set against the backdrop of the New World, this MMORPG allows players to skillfully navigate both land and sea as English, French, or Spanish captains or sail under the black flag as a member of the Brethren of the Coast—a pirate. Successfully engage in tactical ship combat, swashbuckling adventures and cutthroat economics to advance in each career path. Loyal nationals strive to master navigational skills as Naval Officers, Privateers or Freetraders. Pirates terrorize the seas as manipulative Buccaneers or brutal Cutthroats.

Pirates of the Burning Sea features a player run economy, where captains can forge their own empires across the Caribbean. By building quarries, distilling rum (to boost morale) or managing large scale production and distribution, players contribute to the high-stakes world of commerce. In a place where profits are the dream and desperate measures the reality, it's no wonder pirates live by the maxim "dead men tell no tales." With rich user-created content, epic missions and stunning graphics, Pirates of the Burning Sea satisfies every adventurer.

Main Features:
- Choose to be a Naval Officer, Privateer, Freetrader, Buccaneer or Cutthroat.
- Battle other players to control more than 80 conquerable ports in the Caribbean.
- Become an elected Port Governor and influence economy and defenses.
- Engage in tactical ship combat, firing broadsides and boarding the enemy using one of over 150 historical ships.
- Specialize in one of four different styles of land combat - formal Fencing, dual-wielding Florentine, treacherous Dirty Fighting or brutal Brawling.
- Explore the world and make a name for yourself in more than 1000 missions.
- Vie for power and wealth with the fully player-driven economy.
- Design your own personal flags and customized sail patterns.

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